Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Wild, wild and sexy.

This was the description 'Bike' magazine used for the 70's in their first issue of 1980 - yep, I used to be a regular Bike reader.

Why am I mentioning this?

There's something which I've been wondering about, a matter of tension for me. people talk about stuff being 'sexy' but what does it mean? Fernando descibed The Curse Of The Golden Flower as being a sexy film. A friend I used to work with described his Suzuki GSX-R as sexy. Does it mean something which fires the loins, but without making you have to 'deal with it'? Is it kind of like erotic, but subtle? Most importantly, what does it mean for someone that's a Christian, trying to not get lead into sin?

In my parents generation, at least in England, anything involving a suggestion that more than sleep happened in the bedroom was verboten. I want to find the right balance in this tension, and be neither too puritanical or too lascivious (can there be an acceptable amount of lasciviousness?).

Yet another rambling witter, brought to you by TBOTAM.

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