Wednesday, 29 July 2020

If you ever needed proof....

I am not a TV person.

A couple of days ago I came across a 'free' book on Amazon: The Ultimate Friends Quiz Book.

That's nice I thought, a quiz for friends.

Opened it up on Kindle reader and the first question is "what was in the lasagne that Monica cooked?"

Eh? Who?

Then it dawned on me, this was a quiz about a show that looked about as compelling as Crossroads*, but set in another country. Well, I can say is that this was absolutely and completely worth the purchase price. ;-)

* - the ability to add hyperlinks appears to be either broken or mangled to no longer be intuitive in the current version of blogger). Crossroads was really tedious - even the theme music by Tony Hatch was composed to sound tedious - but fortunately it was on commercial television which my parents shunned, and so I only had to sit through it when visiting friends.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

the internet without ad-blockers sucks.

Just hopped into Instagram to see what Ben's doing, and on the phone it's full of ads. Nuts. They get a similar level of importance to real content. 

Friday, 17 July 2020

More than a month goes by

between blog posts.

The times have been momentous, yet you know that whatever you say will probably be wrong somewhere - I wrote a post but pulled it quickly.

The country we are living in had the second worst Covid outcome in the world, but it's almost as though Brazil has done a 'hold my beer'. Bolsonaro always was a Trump fan, and it seems that he's trying to emulate his idol. There's no knowing how long this state of uncertainty will last.*

Next week I shall be taking time off to work on Ben's bedroom. He has officially 'moved out' (at least until he's between jobs & needs to come home) so it's out with the royal blue, lime green and orange paint and in with white or light grey.

And I'm still here. Life is in suspension really. Not happy on many levels, but like the proverbial frog in a saucepan, one gets used to it and the discomfort isn't enough to make one hop out - just keep going and doing what needs to be done.

*My unconscious sense of humour is still at work.