Friday, 26 January 2007

Now is the winter of our discontent.

Name the originator of that quote......

Now is the winter of our current self denial, actually.

I have an ebay habit which, while carefully controlled prior to Christmas, did managed to turn up a bunch of valves at madly bargain prices (amps, for the use of). Like a new pair of Electroharmonix EL34s for about £8 instead of around £40 or £50.

But it's still cash.

Chris has also been inclined to buy the odd item that was perceived to be a 'bargain'.

Since Christmas I've been watching stuff on the 'bay, but just repeatedly let it go. I've seen some REALLY hot deals, but just didn't feel happy about bidding. In line with the way my worship rig is developing I could really use a wah-wah pedal to round things out, but the right tool just hasn't happened for me. This week I twice typed some numbers into the 'bid' box before tussling internally, then hitting 'back'. One occasion I'd even waited up to literally the last 30 seconds.

Looks like this is the time to not buy stuff. What's the betting something just 'un-missable' will turn up tomorrow? Like a set of 4 matched 6550 valves for a tenner or that semi-acoustic guitar I've been fancying for ages?

Greedy? Me? Youbetcha. But I AM grateful.

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