Friday, 19 January 2007

I'm home again.

It *felt* really slow and hard work but apparently I managed better than 15 mph. On a mountain bike with big draggy tyres, wearing baggy clothes and a loaded rucksack after dark that's pretty fair, even though it was on the road (it would be brilliant off road!).

As I came down to Aynho wharf I noticed the road was VERY reflective in car headlights. On closer inspection (and with the hint of warning signs) I realised it was completely flooded. There was nowhere else to go, so through we went - it was about 8"-10" deep so only my feet got very wet, and I managed to keep going.

Apart from that it was just a long sweaty grind. How sweaty can be judged from my weight - about 2 lb under 12 stone just before I climbed in the shower. Not to worry - I've just eaten a whole 'large' supermarket type Pizza while posting this, so I'll be back up to normal pretty soon.

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