Friday, 2 October 2015

Well what do we do when feelings don't match what we want them too?

You could make it rhyme.

I'm having a 'ranty' day inside, though those are becoming more common.

Playing a 'worship' music CD by a well known international artist, and they lyric just seem to be a rehash or the words love, power, lord, need, worship, bow, you, me with a few handy joining phrases. I am aware that I may not be able to write any better (but hey, I don't take a living from selling this stuff) but that's not enough to make it legitimate. The backing back is polished and bland at the same time.

At work I want to rant about how we have forms and paperwork carefully created in a quality system, yet it feels like there's never enough data being generated to move forward above a snails pace. No-one will give a wet slap if our forms are stamped with 'uncontrolled document' or not if we don't have enough data to create a working product.

And I'm probably just being mr. grumpy-busy because I want to try to cram 2 days worth of experiments into a single day AND fit a run in tonight. My digestive system still hasn't really settled down from Spain, and the dull ache from that and nagging joints all collaborate to make me grumpier.

The study I'm supposed to be taking the housegroup through next week (based on a book) is meant to be about life-style and seemed to be pointing out sin and failure in those who don't respond well (distinctly iffy theology about Moses being shy too). I want to re-write it to use Elijah as an example of burnout from serving God, maybe add in Paul as an example of someone who suffered depression and couldn't cope with everything they were called to do. Not happy about this idea that says "if you walk right with God then you'll never burn out or get depressed".

Probably good I'm alone on this one today then. There's always a silver lining (except when there isn't).

Just re-read this and seen the typos (and they lyric). Ho hum - looks bad for a spelling and grammar nazi. :p

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