Sunday 29 March 2009

I seem to be headaching today.

So sorry if I'm not talkative.

The odd sparkly light has also been making it's way across my vision, both yesterday and this morning. More sleep is probably not the answer.

Clocks have just gone forward 1 hour here.

Thank goodness we don't have small children and went to bed at a sensible time!

Friday 27 March 2009

A new virus delivery for me.


We were not able to deliver postal package you sent on the 14th of March in time
because the recipient�s address is not correct.
Please print out the invoice copy attached and collect the package at our office.

Your personal manager: Marcus Rushing,
Customer Service: 1-800-CALL-DHL
Fax: 888-221-6211
DHL International, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

There was a .zip file attached.

I am not expecting any DHL deliveries.

Also a big give away is the use of a US number in the contact area.

These guys are quite clever - anyone in the US with stuff outstanding from ebay could be fooled.

Thursday 26 March 2009

My mother appears unwell again.

This is becoming almost more than she can bear right now, and we're hoping she might get taken into hospital again today. I'm probably not going to be talking here much for the next little while, but if there are updates then I'll post them up.

Sunday 22 March 2009

And after the whole fuss about gay marriage in the US

I wonder if they'll legalise polygamy? There's a good strong historical Jewish precedent for it.

This is not good

If this is found to be true then I cannot see how Israel can hold up it's head on the world stage. They need to be righteous, not cruelly vengeful.

Saturday 21 March 2009

Off to London later today

That *should* say tomorrow.

Went to bed at 11pm.

And 2 hours later got up again.


Friday 20 March 2009

England and Austria

In English news papers there has been enormous interest in the Josef Fritzl case, as one might expect.

One of the observations that was oft repeated today was puzzlement over the attitude of Austria to the whole case. There was no lengthy trial lasting weeks or even months, no extended public wringing of hands, of introduction of draconian privacy laws in order to "prevent this ever happening again". In other words, Austria has handled this in its own way, and without the prurient public washing of dirty laundry, now so beloved by the British media, and presumably public (whoever they may be).

While I can hardly claim in depth knowledge after having so little contact, I do know that Austria is a deeply conservative nation with a strong sense of national pride and classic religion.

Rather than wail about the whole thing for years, they would much rather deal swiftly with it, lock the guy away for the rest of his life, probably quietly investigate and close the case. There are unlikely to be TV programs about Elisabeth's life underground, and also unlikely to be a wave of copycats, all glorying in trying to outdo the original. There *may* well be other cases like this, and they may all have a common root (and what might that be? A little peek into Austrian history going back 80 years might well provide some clues) but thank goodness they're not wallowing in it.

The British could learn quite a lot of positive things from this, instead of complaining about how their chance for a media circus has disappeared overnight.

Ebuyer are now selling Apple.

See here.

The discount is not insignificant either, but only on the laptops: the desktops are more expensive than the UK Applestore.


Thursday 19 March 2009

OK, this is when it gets scary.

When you write your first real purchase order on a piece of 'paper' with company name, number, registered office etc on it.

And when the cost including VAT would pay for a nice holiday somewhere warm, sunny and distinctly foreign.

Gotta have those kits. Gotta make product.

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Apparently my Macbook is fixed.

Time to go collect it. Wonder if it's the full fix or just for a couple of weeks?

Thursday 12 March 2009

Seriously cool

Now THIS is what youtube is for.

The Macbook

Is booked to go back to hospital tomorrow. Now it's all backed up and everything I'd like the display issues sorted properly before I start work in earnest. Also it's fallen over a couple of times and is distinctly slower than when it was new. And mail still doesn't work.

So I *hope* the mobo replacement will make it a happier bunny. We'll see.

Wednesday 11 March 2009

Chris just pointed out to me

...... that people God used in the bible were often pushed outside where they were happy or comfy. I guess the good side of that is that we are probably in the right place and being used - or at least will be in the future. And this has nothing to do with my previous post about business.

I suspect there's a slant on this

But it's fascinating for any non-jew with an interest in Jewish practice to see.

BBC pictures and comments about the purim festival as it is currently celebrated.

Tuesday 10 March 2009

As of this afternoon

The Control Company Ltd. became a real entity.

Thank you Mark, for your help and advice. Lisa and Lilian for sorting out space for me to work in.

Looks like it's real then.


Or not.

I had a phone call this afternoon. It appears that one cannot register a company using 'the' as a prefix or company and limited as suffixes. i.e. the company name is only the 'name' word in the middle of all that.

The name 'control' is owned by what seems to be the corporate equivalent of a cybersquatter that appears (from the business name - I won't publish it here) to have bought it speculatively. I have 2 alternative solutions, so we'll have to wait and see what is acceptable.


Mr. Doubly Grumpy.

Saturday 7 March 2009

Calling Randall and Lauralea

(and a little bit of Dixie)

Chris and I saw this today at a seminar on parenting. Laura - it made us both think of you!

Youtube linky.

Apologies of you already know it.

Friday 6 March 2009

I have decided

That this is a great opportunity for God to do a bit more refining. So I shall try to stay thankful, and attempt to retain toys within the perambulator at all times.

It's about time I had some more direct challenges (hope I can cope!).

Wednesday 4 March 2009

I feel miserable about playing guitar

Mostly because I feel I'm being boxed in and put under pressure to play acoustic.

There are some songs where an acoustic guitar is THE right instrument, some where it can do a tolerable, though sub-optimal job and some where it sucks harder than a hoover. It limits the feel and freedom of a song, and constrains where things can be taken.

If it's necessary for me to just suck it up and get on then I shall, but if it's just a case of being reigned back 'just in case' then I'm not happy with that. And there's a side of me that doesn't want to submit to being boxed in. I need to find a way through that is both acceptable and doesn't crush me into the shape of a doormat.

Oh the fun that is managing people (including oneself).

Monday 2 March 2009