Tuesday, 23 January 2007

I had the realisation this morning.

It came about 4 or 5 minutes after leaving home.

I was wearing the wrong gloves.

Very, very cool thing to do.

My fingers are returning to life now with all those burning, tingling sensations normally experienced after a good snowball fight. I must be getting wimpish after living in warm houses for all these years. I wish Johanna could have seen things like this, the valley robed in a light mist, with golden sun rays creeping over the top of the valley and warming the chilly scene below. There was a lot less frost than I'd have expected, considering how wet it's been. Yesterday afternoon the skies cleared totally and the temperature went through the floor, clearing away a lot of the damp air. By the time I was home last night after a meeting everything was lightly sparkling, but most of that sublimed overnight.

My fingers are OK now (typing is obviously good for them) and my ears are almost recovered too. All that's left now is my face, which seems to take a long while to normalise after it's been deeply chilled.

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