Saturday, 26 October 2019

Skinny Jogger

Just walked past some 'trousers' using the word loosely, bearing that title. "Not me then" I thought. 😉

Tesco have a 20% off deal on clothing and there are some nice jumpers, but I already have a drawer full. 🤔 🙁 😊

Monday, 21 October 2019

Just let the Macbook update

Dang, that thing is slow.

There was a time it seemed fine because software demands were quite small, whereas now they're relatively huge and getting huger (Yeah, I know that's not a word, but it's more fun than some other choices) and the poor old thing struggles & sweats.

The update download - it's too old to run Mojave, which the app store tried to suggest as an update - was more than 1GB, and the installation time is estimated at 13min. Curiously, I remember the first point update to OSX when I'd only had the machine a couple of months, and THAT was also 1GB, which was a real problem since we only had 2meg broadband, possibly not even that, and it took fully overnight to arrive.

It's presently got 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD, but there's simply no substitute for a fast processor; I can hear the fans whistling away as I type this while it's working.

So now it's done one restart after 6 or 7 minutes whistling and there's now 11 minutes remaining. Where's that rolleyes smilie?

I'd been using it because we wanted to recover a facebook password for an account created in 2016 in order for Chris to follow Ben using an Android tablet. It never happened, but it's the only current facebook account we have now AFAIK, and she will now use it to generate an Instagram account so she can see the stuff he regularly posts there. Using OSX again is a little like laying down in a soft bed where a number of prickly things have been scattered: some of it feels really good, but there are aspects that make the overall experience unpleasant. The app store requiring you agree to updated Ts&Cs before doing the updates, presenting you with an enormously long piece of text and then requiring that you have read and accept them at the bottom when it's obvious that you couldn't reasonably do so was one. The keychain tool presenting hashed passwords instead of plain text was another (I'm sure it used to give plain text).

After I complained out loud about the terms & conditions Chris said I was always like that with the Mac. I'm just not an Apple person, and their complete arrogance sticks in my craw.

Update done eventually.

It's tempting to flog the Macbook, but I'm not sure it's worth it. The machine is a handy spare laptop, and even though the battery isn't up to much now, it's still useful portable computing for light stuff.

We bought Chris a new laptop just a few weeks back - a Lenovo C530 - and it's really nice. Light, fast (faster than this XPS, although that's not a surprise) and with a much better screen than the Mac. It was far from expensive, but feels really nicely made, with a clean, slim aluminium shell that fits together well. Spent a couple of days moving data over, installing applications and migrating accounts. On a Mac it would have been easier/faster using time machine, but OTOH this is a chance to de-clutter & re-organise stuff a bit. I also made sure there's wasn't another nested 'Chris stuff' folder that never got unpacked as has happened in the past, more-or-less putting everything back on the desktop where it had been.

Oh, and Office XP applications start in the blink of an eye. ;)

Eventually I'll need to upgrade the XPS, but for now it's still good.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

I hope this works

Tell me what's wrong with this page.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Is it age or difference?

So last week I signed up to Instagram.

Presumably the site is designed for ordinary people to use easily, but through the phone it's really clunky, awkward, un-intuitive. I feel a need to start using it, partly because Ben posts his pictures there, partly because I need to start using it to promote my pictures too.

Maybe it's better through a browser?

There have been 2 major social media sites that made little sense to me over the last 10 years, Instagram being one, Twitter the other. I hope Instagram gets better, and it should. Twitter feels like punching your self in the face repeatedly, and I cannot imagine why any sane person would use it.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Sometimes it's nice to have a little confirmation.

Probably no-one will remember that I blogged about seeing a 'new Starwars movie' (I think it was The Force Awakens) and was somewhat appalled that how one half of the human race was portrayed.

It seems that I was not alone.

Thanks to Inky, whose blog I still read, I saw this Dilbert cartoon.

According to one source Scott Adams had seen the same film and it produced this response. We no longer expect women to be universally weak, stupid and incapable, so why should we tolerate seeing men in films that way? Misandry is no better than misogyny.