Thursday 25 May 2023

Black or white hat?

I have come to the conclusion that there are only 2 kinds of computing professionals these days: those whose job it is to protect systems and those who wish to break into them. Nothing else matters. Work, health, business, progress. Nothing. It doesn't matter if you can't work effectively provided the system is secure and IT is being done properly. 

Friday 5 May 2023

And so we're back (not from ) outer space.

 The week before last we were back in France again, working hard, getting tired, making progress. It was successful: the kitchen papered, new light fitting, fireplace tiled (thanks Ben) doors and windows made to open and close without a battle after removing 130 years of paint and some wood, woodwork newly painted, ancient storage heaters and non-working oven consigned to the dechetterie, walls and a doorway removed in a bathroom, brambles cut down in the orchard. 

Those around my age who read this, have you noticed how the young seem to have unlimited endurance?

Ben came with us and, despite the broken arm, managed one-handed painting and tiling. He had so much energy, endurance, we felt that we couldn't just slope off and relax for a bit. So we managed loads, but this week back at work we're both quite thoroughly bushed. An almost 12 hour drive on Saturday didn't help, though it wasn't a bad journey as they go. By the end of this week we've partially recovered from that, but are now tired from this weeks efforts.

We had an emotional rollercoaster too, with a friend thinking they had lung cancer, only for it to turn out to likely be a complication of COVID. We're glad to have been told, but it did lead to a lot of emotions running around.

Tomorrow a bloke in London lets someone else put an old hat on his head.....

Chris may try to watch if they televise it at the village hall, otherwise I'm just going shopping in Tesco as normal and she'll do the washing up. Life must go on.