Monday 29 January 2024

That may have been the longest break ever on here.

 Sometimes one just needs a break. There had been lots of good intentions to post at various times, but when it came to it, there just wasn't the will. We also got sick, first with Covid in early December, then with a nasty respiratory infection that just wouldn't let go. We started feeling it on boxing day evening, and it pretty much dominated things for the next few weeks: last week was the first time I was anywhere near being normally productive, end even then it wasn't ideal. Bluergh. It's been so bad I've been wondering if retirement was going to become more than just desirable, but at least it's receding for now.

So what else is new?

Nothing really. We look forward to returning to France in the spring for a couple of weeks, we both still battle with (our lack of) French, after a long break since early December I've had a couple of gigs on guitar again. 

Oh, and our son is 36. It's hard to believe that we are quite firmly an older couple, with offspring closer to 40 than 30. Just bizarre.