Thursday, 11 October 2018

Learning how to blog, kinda.

So Somerton Village has a new website, built on wordpress.

I'm sat in a darkened hall, watching a chap called Nick explain how the village web site can be edited, have content uploaded etc. It's like working with blogger, only more flexible and therefore more difficult. Nick has done a good job balancing a lot of different wishes and needs.

Pictures are a bit mangled from over-compression (and I'm a fussy b*st*rd when it comes to pictures) but apart from that it's nice and clean.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Hagiography, Hamartography? Lets call the whole thing off.

I was moderately amused by this article on Steve Jobs, commemorating the 7th anniversary of his death.

Spoiler - it's tongue in cheek, but the tongue is spiky, and the cheek armour plated.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Don't worry.....

Be very afraid.

Far be it from me to link to or approve of what the Guardian usually writes, however this was the first place I read the story, and it seems to be a straightforward piece of reporting. Perhaps this should be no surprise, as mainstream Christianity apparently becomes more concerned about an emotional response in worship than one based on understanding and the 'next big thing' is all about being contemporary and missional while forgetting the need for sound doctrine and pastoral care.

As the person who first drew my attention to this noted, the vision of demons and flames should have made them think a little harder about what they were welcoming.

Just to add to this, it goes to show how careful we need to be over 'prophesy'. Not that we should assume it's all fake, but that it always needs scrutiny and firm debunking if susceptible in any way. So in the case of this lot, releasing cures for cancer an Alzheimer's - sorry, but they're just making up stuff out of their own head to prey on the dim and gullible.