Tuesday, 9 December 2003

Yay - I'm going.

Mountain biking in Wales on Dec 30th. Probably, anyway.

Afan Argoed. Manmade trails on a Welsh mountainside, probably in the snow. Some of the best trails in the UK, and with a new section (the skyline trail) recently opened, this should be brilliant. Last time I went there we just HAD to go back and re-ride certain parts of the course. It's not stupidly steep like Coed y Brenin, just fast and twisty with well placed drops and jumps.

My lasting memories were of belting down the trail where it twists from the top, keeping up behind a guy on a downhill bike, my first river crossing and of anticipating the final lump at the end of the trail so that I could jump off the top like I meant it.

Can't wait. Must build up the fitness in anticipation.

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