Monday, 29 December 2003

We got there.

Chris's parents got back around midnight last night, so our hunch was right. Spent the day with them. That's pretty much it.

They are getting quite obviously old now, even talking about not going abroad any more. I think that's partly a reaction to having 'duty free' stuff nicked while they were in baggage reclaim, but they are now quite 'elderly'. Walking and talking are both slow processes, and I think they've realised that things are running down. Memory is an issue too.

They live about 45 mins away. I wonder if we're going to be doing that journey a lot more soon?

One thing that was very pleasing - I managed to keep Chris's jumper (see below) a secret until we exchanged gifts. She kept commenting and sneaking off to see how it looked in the mirror upstairs. Looks like I got that one right then ;-)

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