Monday, 13 March 2017

I have ear-worm.

Not an unpleasant helminth parasite, but yesterday I played guitar in Oxford at a celebration with several churches together, and snippets of a couple of songs won't go away. That's fine, but they are intrusive when one is trying to concentrate.

Chris and I have been down with colds again last week, and we're just up & down, feeling OK and a little energised one minute, then really tired and quite ropey the next. It's just a case of keeping going when you need to & then recuperating when things can be neglected.


  1. I suffer from ear-worm (also not the helminth parasite) quite regularly. When I was tree planting one line from a song would repeat over and over in my mind as I worked. It was unpleasant. I love walking, but I find that when I walk, the rhythm of my footsteps inevitably brings songs to mind which then play constantly as I walk.

    At my silent retreat, just over a week ago, I got irritated by it. I had a beautiful song based on Psalm 43 in my head ("Send Out Your Light" by Sandra McCracken, if you care to know) and it wouldn't stop. It felt like an intrusion on my silence. Then in the middle of one of my daily walks I found myself singing it—I didn't make a conscious choice, it just happened—and it occurred to me that perhaps that was a better way to deal with the ear-worm than trying to suppress it. It turned into a nice time of worship.

  2. Probably a good solution, although no-one is going to appreciate me singing ZZ Top's Rough Boy right now. :p

  3. No ear-worm right now.


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