Thursday, 4 December 2003

A little balancing act......

is what life is at the mo.

Work vs family
Health vs strength
Leisure vs tasks
Wants vs needs
People vs God

I'm not sure which causes most sweat. I seem to be majoring in all of the left hand items, while variously trying to satisfy the right hand ones.

The last item became a bit more pointed last night, after the church meeting. As a church we have been trying to push the people into being more pro-active during worship. Previously our worship times were lead from the front, and although sometimes people did bring songs, scriptures and prophetic words, over the last couple of years it has been getting less and less. Just before the summer God clearly said to pause and re-focus on Him. So we've done that (and have been outside our comfort zones ever since ;-). Worship was also no longer 'lead', but instead was simplified so that someone would start the meeting with a song (usually me) and then I'd just carry it on guitar. In September we added a keyboard back, and have jsut started having someone to 'facilitate' worship. It is still very minimalistic though.

I've been leading the worship team for a couple of years now, and in the 12 months leading up to that we were getting together once a fortnight to spend time worshipping, praying and just being together. That time stopped over the summer, and when the autumn came round I really didn't feel the freedom to re-start things - it was on hold along with everything else. Last night I was talked to by a good friend (who's also the drummer) telling me that we really HAD to start getting back together, how people were on the verge of leaving etc. I know there are a number of other people that were singing and playing previously that are struggling now, and particularly missing our midweek meetings.

The question I have is: Do I re-start or wait. I know it will bless people and my instinct is to do it, but I need to hear from God on this, and the old spiritual ears seem as blocked up as my natural ones ATM. I also struggle with my motives because I preferred the worship front lead, but never perceived a problem of the people interacting - if people are going to 'go for it' then a decent band actually helps them.

When in trouble or in doubt,
Run in circles, scream and shout.
(traditional British rhyme, wot I made up 5 mins ago).

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