Monday, 29 December 2003

In the post, this morning.

The present occupier
*Our home address*

We need to confirm your current situation

Dear Sir/madam,

Some time ago we were informed that there was no television in use at this address and therefore, that no TV license was required.

Our enquiry Officers will be visiting your home shortly to confirm that this is still the case.

If your circumstances have changed and you now use a television at this address, it is important that you purchase a TV license straight away. Watching or recording TV programs without a valid license is against the law.

A colour TV license costs £116 per year (£38.50 for black and white). The quickest way to pay is by phone etc.

If you still don’t use a TV, you needn’t take any action – but expect a brief visit from our Enquiry Officers just to confirm the situation.

Yours faithfully etc.

Great. A visit from the licensing people. We’ve never owned a TV in all the time we’ve been married. And they’ve never given up chasing us to buy a license either. At least the tone of the letter is polite these days. It used to be really dark and rather threatening. Now they actually acknowledge you might not use a set.

AFAIK these people actually have right of entry, and without a warrant too!

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