Monday, 15 December 2003

Deep Joy R us.

For our Peugeot (car) we used to have 2 keys.

About 2 weeks ago our daughter lost the one key that worked the central locking system.

Last night Chris put the remaining key down before locking the car from inside.

The keys are on the back seat.

Inside the car.

Get the picture?

A replacement key would have cost about £70 (or about $120 US for those not in the UK). To break in will cost £17 for the replacement glass + £78 for fitting (daylight robbery!). The local Peugeot dealer knows a way to get in (Nah mate, I can't disclose it over the phone) and are looking forward to a little extra business.

Now the good news - I got the keys out :-)

Thanks everyone that prayed for me. Courtesy of a little leverage, some screwdrivers and an ex-coat hanger I was able to extract them. That's the grace of God.

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