Thursday, 18 December 2003


Ever tried using the 'Language Tool' option on Google? Well, if you translate from English to French and then from French back in to English, you can get some amusing outcomes.

I thought I'd start with Jerusalem, by Blake, and here's what I got!

And did these feet in ancient time go on the green of the mountains of England?
And was the holy lamb of God on the pleasant pastures of England seen?
And it undermines it guessed the glare ahead on our opacified hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here among these dark mills satanic?
Bring to me my extreme gold arc!
Bring to me my arrows of the desire!
Bring to me my lance!
The clouds of O, reveal!
Bring to me my carriage of fire!
I will not cease a mental combat,
nor my sleep of sword in my hand,
until we built Jerusalem in the green and pleasant ground of England

From Bikemagic. I can't think of a finer thing to do to this hymn (other than maybe forget it) philistine that I am.

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