Friday, 12 December 2003

Existence today seems rather strange.

Did the 4+ hour drive back from Newcastle last night in the dark. Courtesy of the lurgy and being away from home I had relatively little sleep the previous night, so used a caffiene stimulant drink on the way back to keep awake (it works, but makes everything a bit unreal). Slept OK last night, but 6 hours max as I had to be up at 5.20 to get Ben out by 6.30. Then drove to a petrol station in Bicester to fill up before getting to work, an hour after leaving home. And it's still dark.

It's times like this that the real world seems a long way away.

And why is it when you're in a new city, pron always appears in front of you? Actually I know the answer. Whether it's a news agent (WH Smith was supposed to have stopped selling it a couple of years ago) or a DVD hire shop, or even a filling station, the stuff just pops up all the time. Managed to walk away from it though; the spirit was willing but the flesh was strong. Must have just been the grace of God, 'cos I'm sure it wasn't my own strength.

While on that topic, we had a visit here (work) from someone from the US a while back. He made an interesting comment, about how pron in the UK is softer than the US, and how it seems to be in the context of a relationship. He was disappointed! Makes me worry about what kind of legacy the US (Canada too?) is building for itself. If they really have detached sex and relationship from eachother (as is starting to happen here) then I suspect social meltdown is not far away. Makes a mockery of the idea of the US being a moral country.

Yours, blearily. The ancient (feeling) mariner.

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