Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wonder what's for dinner?



Oh, errr, hi. We've been back an hour now.

It's great to be back.

The whole house STINKS, mostly as a result of the cats litter tray, plus empty catfood tins that were filled with water and left on the side.

Everything is dirty, partly from the cats, partly because we're having some work done, and you can't make an omelet etc. And it just plain needs cleaning lots anyway, being that kind of house.

But it's great to be back.

Ben seems OK. Good.

He had dinner with my mum last night, which also means that she's mostly OK, so good there too.

I have sort-of rellies in Austria (the link is too vague to go into now) and it turns out that one who had been a friend of my fathers has just died of a heart attack. We'd planned to go out to maybe spend a little time sometime in the next couple of years, but looks like that won't happen now. Not good. I'm sad for Monica, who buried her mum only a relatively short while ago, now a widow a few years younger than she would expect.

So that rounds off this holiday. It hasn't been a rest as such, so much as a time of challenge and self discovery. There have been good bits and quite frustrating bits, but I hope I will have regained enough energy for continuation into the next phase for us.

Holiday taster pix up soon.

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