Sunday, 21 September 2008

Life got very exciting as of yesterday evening.

I had an email from expedia.

The hotel in Rome could not accept our booking.


The choices were: ignore the email, turn up and let the hotel sort things out (they are obliged to do this according to hotel staff here, also booked through expedia) or call the number in the US at some expense and ask what was going on and to sort things.

After a day of debate (and praying somewhat, but lets not spiritualise this too much - I was not all that spiritual about it) I DID call. Seems the hotel has *closed its doors* whatever that means. So turning up might not have been especially useful. Expedia did book us into a new hotel, just round the corner from the original, and for that I am truly grateful.

So tomorrow we are back on the road.

Do all of them lead to Rome? Maybe, but I bet they do not all go nicely past Ciampino airport, where we have to return the car first. Driving here has been interesting, and I hope the final part of getting the car back does not prove the most stressful.

Off to dinner soon. Mustaphas in Seiano. Hope it is nice.

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