Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Well I can blog here after all.

We got here fine - really no problems at all, for which I am VERY grateful.

The Hotel is mostly great, with a few bits less great (warm water would help) and the room is nice.

Now, Sorrento and environs.

Sorrento today was like Central London in rush hour, but with better scenery nearby. Note nearby.

TBH I think it would be my idea of hell in mid summer, when it is more crowded. I really had no idea this area would be like this - I imagined like Greece with more style. Where greece is relaxed, this area is frenetic and anything but relaxing. There are similarities and diametric opposites in Greek and Italian culture.

Now some of the scenery IS quite breathtaking, but whoever described this area as having the most beautiful coast in the world needed to get out a bit more.

It is nice, do not get me wrong, and we HAVE enjoyed ourselves. But some holidays embrace you and say "have a great time". Instead we have so had to determine that we shall enjoy ourselves and look for the good bits in the difficulty.

Positano IS lovely, and seems quite different from Sorrento. And if you can find somewhere to park, there is a lot to see.

Tomorrow we shall probably try Pompei. TTFN

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