Friday, 19 September 2008

And the rain came down

Because gravity works in Italy just like it does every where else.

Well, it is being kind of interesting. I have this distinct feeling God has us here in an uncomfortable place to work on us.


Yup. Nice hotel, mostly great scenery and exotic food in a language we cannot really speak.

We are actually fairly uncomfy, and that is becoming increasingly apparent.

I think I am listening.

I HOPE I am listening and hearing.

Are we resting? Well we are generally getting around 8 hours in bed every night, so I have definitely had more sleep than usual.

A part of the frustration for me is that everything here requires financial lubrication, and that is both wearing and grating. It is wearing because you always have to be thinking about having coins of the right type and quantity available. It is grating because I grew up poor and hate to keep paying and paying and paying for stuff like parking. Some things have been better than expected in that area, but some have not. I understand the need to distribute wealth, but it takes away peace of mind and drains the pleasure from stuff.

Today was almost funny.

We tried to visit Herculaneum. It is around 1 hours travel on bus and train (forget taking the car!) only to find the place shut. So we went into Naples instead, did the archeological museum and then came back.

Poof! Day gone.

In about 45 mins we will attempt to find somewhere that is not cold where we can get some food that appeals from a menu we can understand. This has become our nightly challenge, sharpened by the rain.

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