Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I'm going to be tired today.

We went to bed at a sensible time: I've been out this evening at a music practice with church no.2 and got in at 10ish. Lights out just after 11.

Something woke both of us a little later, but after about 20 min Chris was sawing wood enthusiastically. A little after 12 I knew it was pointless, and got up again.

Why can't I sleep?

Deep changes are in progress in every area of my life, except possibly our marriage, and while I'm at peace over them - I'm sure it's all from God - the things going on still cause a reaction inside.

I'm trying to navigate situations I can't yet see while floating on a sea of unknown.

Already this evening God's whispered about some of the things in the future, and that's great, but they are FUTURE things, and the present situation is NOT there yet.

And some of the things He HASN'T whispered about yet.

There are too many 'coincidences' for me to believe it's not all been planned. But rather like an Indiana Jones movie, there may be a lot of struggle, uncomfortable discovery and plain difficult obstacles to work our way through before we find the treasure at the end.

I need to be in bed.

Just seen an email from a good friend land - wonder what they say?

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