Thursday, 11 September 2008

Back to that routine

Last night my mum went back into hospital (the JR, for Bicester people).

AFAIK breathing difficulties and overdoing it when trying to lift her scooter from the back of her car were the main cause. I didn't get to see her in the end, due to the call we were expecting not being caught by someone who should have taken more care, even if they were tired.

So it goes. Please pray for her.


Thanks for praying.

It seems her potassium levels had dropped away, and with it, her blood pressure. When I saw her last night she seemed effectively normal for the way she is these days. The hospital have given her potassium in various forms, and that seems to have largely restored the balance. She's hoping to come out today, as she'd like to go on holiday to Scotland on Monday!

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