Friday, 26 September 2008


I plan to put the photos together quite soon, from our Italy trip + the Thailand pics we took last year.

I've been using photobucket for a couple of years to add images to web pages, and it has been GREAT. Fast delivery, little hassle. The one feature it didn't seem to offer was online galleries. I do have a gallery, but fotopic is clunky and the images always get a bit degraded by their compression algorhythm. Flickr is just too slow.

Picasa has been advertised when I log into Blogger for some time, so I signed up.

They want to install software on my PC.

I DO NOT WANT software installed on my PC. Keep your dirty hands off my computer. I only want web space to upload images for general viewing.

Maybe I need a second Photobucket account, for public display.

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