Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sorry to so enigmatic.

Stuff is working through.

The truth is in here.

Mind you, I've not seen Mulder for a while and Scully doesn't like my deodorant: my fault for buying cheap stuff in Tesco.

But hey, I've still (to quote JH) got my guitar.

I *should* be playing in one of the bands at the Bicester fun day, next Saturday. Hope I can still remember how to rip off Chuck Berry. I rather wish I could go play with some guys this evening - feels like there's something inside I'd like to work out of my system, although I've also been dog tired today. And I fancy acquiring yet MORE gear that I don't need, as well as some that *will* be useful. Like the pignose arriving next week - a 40W amp weighing 30lb instead of 60lb like my 18watter - that should still have a big sound instead of the rather small one I get from Voxy baby, mostly because of the tiny cab and low wattage.

So I'm not really posting about anything as such, but hey, this is my blog and I can have textoral diarrhea if I want.

Just been up to judge the village show photographic competition. There were some good pix, but it amazes me how people don't think about their images. A minority of entries were beautifully printed, while a substantial number were just printed from PC onto plain paper - some of the otherwise best images were produced like this.

Maybe time to go make dinner. Should it be curry, Chinese-style, Mediteranean or just one of our simple cheating dinners?

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