Thursday, 14 September 2006

Well we're packed.

So why am I sat here?

I've been pushed all evening. From the moment Dan and Kita left.

So I end up packed early but very stressed, sweating like a pig and looking over my shoulder all the time.

And then there's the little things to put away that were forgotten because we were hurrying. Like my tooth brush, shaver (that had been charging) etc. And I'd fully packed in 35 mins too.

So I sent Chris to bed. Finished shaving. Took cases downstairs, packed the stuff that never made it.

Cooling down now.

Checked out the route for trouble (M25 has roadworks).

Just about ready I guess.

Ben's got food, drink and a house to look after.

Night everyone. 3 1/2 hours 'till I wake. 8 hours 'till we fly.


Forgot to mention it. Off to Italy, for a conference in Siena starting Sunday. Flying to Pisa tomorrow, overnight in Florence, then on to Siena Saturday evening.

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