Monday, 4 September 2006

I'm not sure if this is real or not?

I've just popped a dead cheap (£6) belkin network card in the PC and it seems a bit quicker with connections and browser operations generally. Probably wishful thinking. Or maybe it's to do with the thick layer of dust I removed so everything is running 20'C cooler now?

At least it's working now - Ben *knows* how to take PCs to bits, but doesn't take enough care sometimes, especially when it's someone else's machine. He'll be back online soonish - he's just completed an upgrade and rebuild. It all got a little traumatic earlier with the MOBO he'd bought requiring SATA drivers from a FLOPPY(!) and having to share mine with him, then finding that it didn't work. Got there in the end.

Whatever, we're both back together and it seems OK. I should be able to run this PC as a dual boot linux system in future (linux needs specific drivers to use my router through USB).

And talking of cooler, I finally received that Emiliana Torrini CD. Her voice seems less captivating on my HiFi than it did loud in the car, but it IS cool music. Nuts, I don't even LIKE acoustic guitars.

(*edit*) Just heard some nice tremelo electric guitar, so that's better.

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