Monday, 11 September 2006

So here I sit.

The next line that springs to mind is "broken hearted. Spent a penny."

But in the interests of good taste we'll leave it there.

So here I sit, email from Steve B reminding me that I need to get a worship team schedule out, and don't I know it. That's the express purpose for this evening PC time (been shopping already, eaten dinner and now I'm finally free). Turfed Ben off of here too - he still can't find his XP disc - stoopid automatic update trashed his OS, and now it won't boot.

So I'm wondering what the schedule will look like. Anna (main keyboard player, worship leader and song writer) is producing and needs to step down. We've a few potential players (and good for them - I'm really grateful) but it seems like I'm going to be 'it' a fair bit, at least providing the music.

Lets hope we don't have a repeat of Sunday, where we did one song I don't know well starting from the chorus and not the verse, with everyone then entering the verse in the wrong key (I know who's fault that was!). My playing just unravelled and we did it a capella, which was fine by the grace of God. Ho hum.

OK. Head down.


Just spent almost an hour with Ben trying to get windows to repair the installation on his machine.


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