Wednesday, 23 August 2006

We have here a surfiet of guitar strings.

I ordered some strings from a guy that's in the US. He's developed a brilliant reputation for tone and longevity (always a problem - especially if you have several guitars - they go dead and difficult to tune after a while).

He has a web site that appears capable of taking international orders, but in practice his shopping cart can't cope. So I placed my order on 14th Aug and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Now the guy visits CMF and I was getting ready to post some questions up there, along with some slightly less charitable comments when for some reason I checked the trash folder on one of my email accounts. He'd emailed me on the 17th about an extra charge owed due to international shipping and his mail got classified as spam (probably due to using an AOL account).

Seeing that this was now Mon 21st and I've got a lot of practices and a gig coming up in the next couple of weeks, plus posting normally takes 2 weeks from the US to UK I went ahead and ordered strings from my usual online supplier.

Yesterday (22nd) there was an international mail package waiting for me. Yup, Snakeoil strings.

Tonight (23rd) there was a package waiting for me. Yup , 3 sets of Rotosound Yellows. Thought I'd give them a go as I've not used them for 25 years until my JJ goldtop arrived with them as standard fitment. They've sounded tolerable up till now.

So suddenly I've got 9 sets of strings here (1 for every guitar, near enough). Maybe I'll just keep a couple of sets as spares for now.

My mission tonight: prep for tomorrow, finish a little guitar rewiring, replace strings and play for an hour.

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