Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Looks like we have a little trip coming up.

In September ESHRE have a meeting in Siena, Italy. My flight and accomodation (a double room) is covered by the company, so Chris is coming too. We're paying her flight and food plus an extra nights hotel room (there's no reason she should be sponsored, even if she is providing entertainment for me outside the meetings ;¬).

So we fly to Pisa at stupid o'clock on Friday morning, drive to Florence/Firenze where our hotel is for the first night, then drive on the following day to Siena. The meeting starts on Sunday afternoon and finishes Tuesday night. Wednesday we'll drive back up to Pisa, visit *that* tower, then catch the plane back in the evening. This is slightly in lieu of a significant trip away on our wedding anniversary and a good try out to see if Italy is what we really want to do next year.

The grace of God to us.

I wonder if one day we might end up living in Italy. There was a time - maybe 10 years ago - that I felt God speak about it. I've no plans to 'make' it happen, but at the right time I'm sure the doors will open and it'll be obvious. Just one of those things that's tucked away inside, waiting for the seeds to germinate.

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