Saturday, 12 August 2006

There are times I'm glad for thick walls

I've just been working through that LOAP solo. Courtesy of the web I have a very good idea of the correct notes to play, and this has made life much easier, as I'm not great transcribing solos. And like I said, it's actually pretty simple with only one fast passage that I plan to change as I don't think it sounds too impressive on the original.


My string bending skills are SO rusty and my technique so imprecise that I keep making a nasty squealie mess of the final bent notes. Clean it doesn't sound too bad, but this one needs quite a bit of drive and brushing the B string when I'm bending the top E creates some horrid noises. I'm probably also pushing down on the string too much when it should be pushed sideways too.

This is all on that red and black strat that I was working on a few weeks ago. Going to give it a go on the Dean V as that has jumbo frets that should help bends. Will also try it on the JJ and the Les Paul, although I probably should use a strat for this, as it's what Sambora plays. I don't want too many guitars on stage when it comes to the gig, as I'm worried about them getting 'borrowed'. Probably the Strat and the JJ, but the V could make it too if necessary - it's a lot more RAWK than the rest.

Looks like sore fingers will be the order of the day tomorrow.

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