Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Playing is..... odd right now.

Funny how guitar playing goes. I can try to practice, sound like pants, yet sometimes when I’m out and get inspired all sorts of amazing things will fall out of the guitar. Like on Sunday, just started noodling and a great lick just naturally happened. Somewhat unfortunate that Az (our friend from Spain) had just started talking. It was very rude of me really, but I’m not sure I was too well on Sunday, maybe a touch of what Chris has been suffering, but as it unfolded I couldn’t seem to help follow it.

I need to cop the guitar solo to Bon Jovi's 'living on a prayer'. I never really knew the band or song. Rachel lent me the 'Slippery when wet' album. Richie Sambora's playing is quick and deft, technically great. The LOAP solo is obviously designed for a single to be sold to the mindless masses and is crass and unexciting. At least it isn't hard though, so I should be grateful. So do I blag it and follow the original or try to do something that sounds better (to me)?

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