Sunday, 6 August 2006

More trip thoughts

Chris and I brought some brochures back from Bicester yesterday: to be honest I'm struggling.

Not struggling in the way you might imagine. I've looked through the brochures and there are some beautiful appartments and holidays in there. No, I'm struggling with the opulence of it all. The appartments are just so far removed from the sort of stuff that most locals live in that it just doesn't sit easily for me. The stuff in Cambodia and Vietnam especially. I don't know but staying somewhere like that seems almost too much.

I'm not a falsely humble sort of person, but the further I read the increasingly uncomfy I got. I don't know - something will fall out of the woodwork. And thanks everyone for your suggestions - really appreciated.

Now, there was 1/3 bottle of sparkling wine left in the fridge from Thursday. I wonder if it's still OK?

BTW that Bluesbreakers CD has 24 tracks. Tracks 1-12 are the original recording in mono. Tracks 13-24 are the re-release from '69 in stereo. All your love is brilliant in stereo.

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