Saturday, 26 August 2006

2 days off and I'm more tired.

I had Friday from work, as Chris and I just needed some time off together. This became delivering leaflets for the Bicester fun day, then shopping for some new kitchen chairs. We wanted to give Bicester business a chance so spent the rest of the morning browsing there. Found some in Lisseters that Chris liked before, but wasn't so sure on second viewing - looked like they'd last long enough to pass them on but they just weren't right for us.

Unable to put the inevitable off any longer, we went to Ikea.

Yup, they had exactly the right chairs, cheaper than we'd have got them in Bicester.

Well we DID try. Somehow buying from that shop feels like failure to me. Ikea is great in so many way, but we wanted to support local people, and the furniture business must be difficult right now.

That was yesterday. Today I built chairs and a laundry box, replaced duff light fittings and a worn out dimmer switch. Chris attacked the roses in the garden with a hedge trimmer and we both worked to clear the debris from that and the Burberris left over from having it trimmed and a fence erected.

This evening I've been trying to adapt a speaker cab top get a particular speaker sounding good - and totally failed. Now I'm just tired and working my way through a nice wheat beer, complete wityh yeast debris. Bed may not be too far off after that's gone.


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