Saturday, 5 August 2006

We have a conundrum

Where to go?

At the beginning of October Chris and I will have been married 25 years. We'd like to go away for a 'special' hol, but there's a problem.

We love mountains, but we've seen and stayed in some excellent mountains.

We love the beach, but we've spent time on beautiful beaches and swum in gorgeous seas.

We like fascinating cities but based on experience, we grew up in the most fascinating city on the planet.

It's not that we're jaded, but what does one do for something that's sufficiently spectacular to be amazing without spending stupid amounts of money? My current personal fave is to travel through Italy, taking in Firenze, Roma, Venezia and maybe a few days at either Como or Garda as a rest before returning. I have misgivings too (Roman history is distressingly brutal, and was everywhere in evidence in Torino) plus the driving could be 'interesting'. Chris would like to see the more traditional 'spectacular' sights, like the Grand Canyon, the Rockies and so on (Las Vegas gets a thumbs down). Another alternative is South America, with particular interest in the history, culture and getting out into the native peoples a little.

Oddly, neither India or China particularly appeal. That *could* change later, depending, but although both areas have culture by the shed full, neither strikes a chord for me.

As they used to say.... suggestion on a postcard to.....

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