Thursday, 9 June 2005

Ebay has been getting hammered this week.

Chris has always felt the cold more sharply than me, and riding pillion (good medieval word, pillion) she's tended to suffer a bit. Cash was ALWAYS tight when we had bikes, and she never really got a decent leather or suit.

And in those days we didn't have ebay.

Kitting ourselves with gear from the shops would almost require a second mortgage. We HAD to buy new helmets immediately - 15 YO lids are just asking for trouble: apart from the fact mine didn't really fit well. So we did the RRP thing on those, simply because new is necessary, and you have to get a precise fit in lots of different areas.

I've got that leather despatch rider-style jacket I bought earlier that's tiding me over, but we'd got rid of all the jackets Chris used to wear, and she's been borrowing one of Ben's that's motorcycle 'style'. So we started looking.

I'd thought she might like a coat style, but it turned out she'd prefer a proper leather. A couple of days and some careful bidding later and voila.

But she also suffers cold legs. The natural answer is some leather trousers.

Behave at the back there!

Nothing to see.

Move along now.

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