Saturday, 25 June 2005

Some very kind and willing people

...have agreed to work with me for the concert on Friday. Calling it a band may be a little optimistic, but as it's the normal church worship team, at least we're all used to playing together. I just need to find out how much time we'll have, so we can sort out the set. Haven't got Anna's agreement yet for keyboard, and need to get a drummer, but I've someone in mind and there are a number of possibilities.

I'm quietly optimistic - hopefully to become noisily optimistic soon ;-)

Now the question is: which guitar, which amp???? Processor, modeller, direct?
Sunday evening I think I'll be auditioning my kit over again, but at the moment the woodcross plexi-clone is favourite with a stompbox overdrive as a booster and either the Dean flying V or the strat as the main guitar. If I do sit in with the jazz group then I'll drag along the Heritage Les Paul too.

Decisions, decisions.

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