Friday 24 June 2005

Summer's here

And for a change I'm feeling rather hyper.

I had really wanted to do something for the 'concert' the Marlborough school are having in memory of Sarah, but I couldn't see a way in. Now I've had some ideas, and just need to persuade a band into being for it. Suffice it to say I've found a way of combining some quotes from Brian May and Cream into some of the worship stuff we do. Those who hear me play regularly will recognise some of this stuff, but the Cream quote is new in this context.

And of course it'll need a ton of energy and determination.

Ben was talking about the other guys that will be playing and their stage presence. In church I try not to do the rock thing, throw shapes or whatever. Maybe it'll be a chance to play some worship to people that would never normally hear it, and let my hair down (yes, both of them) at the same time. As long as I can managed not to get psyched out by all these young and desperately talented people I'll be fine.

BTW, about the title. I KNOW summer's here because it's raining hard outside.

Absolutely pelting.

One of our guys was outside about 10 mins ago, loading equipment into a van. We were having a mini-seminar inside the building when there was the most enormous thunderclap. I've just come downstairs to find him in the office, rather shaken. Apparently the lightening had struck 'just behind him' and he literally jumped into the back of the van, ripping his trousers at the same time. The inside of the van was all lit up, it was so close.

Glad I didn't take my bike in this morning as I'd originally planned.

BTW sat in with a Jazz band and jammed along a little last night. The guys were good, but were sneaky. First number was fine, but things went progressively downhill after that, with chord structures becoming increasingly improvisation-unfriendly, at least if you don't know the tunes anyway. It's the first time you've ever played jazz. They were all good though: lots of feeling and some good, tight rythms.

Thanks guys.

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