Saturday, 29 November 2003

Hails of trout - (GSOH part 2)

Well, not really, but that's how we often refer to the weather.

Managed to get a ride in this morning. Around 8.00am the temperature was mild (about 14'C) enough for shorts, and although it was overcast, it was dry. As I was packing the car at around 8.40 there was a real edge to the wind that had not been there earlier, so on went the longs. As I left it started drizzling, and by the time I got to Wendover there was real rain.

Well, not being made of sugar we did go out, but blummin' 'eck, was it cold! After the first mile we were soaked, and had to fight our way though layers of mud and leaves. At this time of year pedalling is really hard work, and it felt like we were constantly climbing, all apart from the steep downhills, where we're mostly sliding ;-) And then one of the party got separated, requiring about 20mins search before we heard they were safe.

After nearly 2 hours we got back to the car park wet and cold. And y'know what? On the way home the rain stopped. This afternoon the clouds broke and the sun shone. God's sense of humour part 2?

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