Monday, 10 November 2003

Interesting time yesterday

We had a celebration in Oxford at the King's centre (where all the churches that are part of OCC get together). James Jordon from the Airport Church in Toronto was talking about 'the Father's heart'. His message was very much a mixed bag, with some really excellent stuff about the love of God, and some flaky stuff about Adam's IQ and how compared to the love of the Father, it didn't matter whether we had good or bad fathers.

The essence of the message was spot on, but I wish people (especially 'eminent' people) would be a little more careful when they stand on a platform.

Chris went in the evening as well (I stayed to make sure the kids went to bed at a decent hour). Again she was touched, but came back wondering whether either she'd missed something fundamental all her life, or he she hadn't quite caught the true meaning of his message. Or he was just plain wrong about certain aspects.


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