Friday, 21 November 2003

Friday night is time to relax.

I've spent the evening ringing round talking to the other members of the worship team, explaining the way ahead for the next few months. Got agreement - great. Even better, Jeremy (a great keyboard player, though not in his own eyes) has agreed to come out of retirement.

I've also managed to fix the dead PCs, so a sense of achievement there.

Collected Sarah from her boyfriend's place in Shipton.

Everyone else is in bed, so it's time to relax. This week has been really hard - I've not been well, and there's a lot of pressure to manufacture a lot of stock before some CE regulations come into force in 2 weeks time. No work tomorrow, so a slightly late night + lay-in is OK.

Go hunt in the fridge for a cider (I'm not a huge beer fan, although it definitely has it's place). The cupboard is bare - Sarah is to blame I expect. I do have a bottle of Hefeweiss beer - German wheat beer - in there. Pop the cap, and although it tastes OK, it doesn't quite hit the spot. Now I know I'm a philistine, but I add a shot of lime to it. As expected, this makes a small amount of froth flow from the neck. Anyway, when it's calmed I take a good hard swig to mix the lime in: next minute beer is being forced out faster than I can take it, as it foams strongly out of the neck.

Hmmmm. not quite what was intended.

Cheers anyway.

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