Monday, 17 November 2003

Another crappy day in paradise :-)

Back to work.

It's raining and my feet are wet from a lunchtime walk.

I'm chasing quotes for bits of lab equipment, and despite repeated calls the suppliers aren't getting back to me.

Good weekend though.

I remember seeing a cartoon comparing the young and the old through their week. The old start all fresh, gradually getting more haggard toward the weekend. The young start all haggard, gradually building up energy for a weekend that wears them out by Monday morning.

I seem to be in the latter category ;-)

Managed a great ride on Saturday. It was warm enough for shorts again, despite the weather forecast. We did the ride from the Lions at Bledlow, up and across the ridgeway (which I cleaned easily) through the woods to the 'stairway to hospital' (a steep and slippery stair run). 2 of the other riders stacked here, but yours truly rode it in fine style. The climb up Chinnor hill was long, but there is always a great sense of achievement when you get to the top. However pride comes before a fall, and chasing Beckers through the woods, I'd nearly caught him when my front wheel caught a leaf filled ditch instead. One brief 'Batman' moment later and I now have a sore thumb and shoulder and an Ibuprofen habit.

Next time, Mike, next time.

Took Boy Wonder and Dan (from the church) riding yesterday morning at Rowney Warren. Dan did really well until he 'pringled' his front wheel leaping a log. At least he got up laughing.

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