Thursday, 27 November 2003

Don't you love weather?

After all the rain comes the sun. And the ice.

Not a big deal for the Canukes, but over here it's a bit special for it to be 11.15 am and still frosty outside.

I really like the winter, but after all the rain my car locks were so frozen I could barely get the key in. Then came the "pulling at the door" routine to try to get inside. Much hilarity and frozen fingers later, we all got away.

Only to return. Sarah had decided that she didn't need a coat this morning, a thin blouse and sweater (complete with bare midrif) being quite enough. What made me twig was that she was sat in the car shivering and pulling the sleeves over her hands, because she was cold. It's amazing how a discussion on the necessity of a coat will provide more than enough warmth, so that there is no need to return home. Really. At all. Now. Daaaddddd.

Click. Stump, stump, stump, stump. Bang. Rummage, rummage. Bang. Stump, stump, stump, stump. Bang. Mutter, mutter, mutter.

And off we went again ;-)

I last saw her at the bus stop, clutching her bags in one hand and her coat in the other. *sigh*. I'll keep praying for for my kids.

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