Friday, 21 November 2003

Back up again!

Sometimes people design things really well, even if they then hide it!

Wednesday night 2 PCs here got fried by a power surge. Well I grabbed a derelict base unit from work tonight on the way out and stripped out the psu. Pulled my base unit out at home and plugged in the new psu - bingo, everything OK. So out of curiosity I dismantled the old psu looking for burnt patches - none visible. Checked the internal fuse - closed circuit, fine. I found a connector that was off at an angle but that was all. Then I had a 'what if' moment and reconnected it. Hey presto it re-starts.

Great thinks I, must be that dodgy connector.

So upstairs to BW's PC, out with old psu, in with new and again, everything works. Now both base units are in the same cases, so not being averse to experimentation repeat as before, and hey presto again. Great - cos the old psu is better than the new one.

Then it dawned on me - these have an anti-surge cut out built in, but the cut out remained on as long as they stayed connected to the mains. Since the power cut was short there wasn't enough time for them to re-set, and they remained tripped. Now bearing in mind that I built both these, you'd hope that there would have been some instructions somewhere to let the user know? Can't complain, cos they were dead cheap, but even so.


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