Tuesday, 25 November 2003

Much better now.

Most of the w/e was a right off, courtesy of the cold finally getting the better of me. Seriously lousy on Saturday (the late night probably didn't help) but had difficulty keeping warm enough in the evening. Sunday again felt rotten (despite >8 hours in the sack) and had to guide worship on Sunday evening. To my amazement, I gather it was actually OK. What was that about God working in our weakness?

After the meeting Barrie (senior elder) prayed for and annointed me, and hey, by Monday I'm virtually fine. Fantastic. Straight back into the world of work again then. God's timing definitely has a sense of humour ;-)

Tuesday is here, and I'm definitely mended. Just tired again from a late night drawing up schedules and emailing people.

Now, when can I fit another ride in?

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