Thursday, 20 November 2003

Knackered again.

Did circuit training last night without really wanting to - I've been feeling really ropey recently. Do I ache today? Do I, heck. If I get much fitter I won't make it out of bed in the mornings.

Just finished lunch. Our logistics person has brought me a rather late delivery. It's in a large box filled with foam 'quavers', then inside a second box wadded out with brown paper.

Just spilled foam quavers across the floor getting box 2 out.

Must cut through this parcel tape. Gimme somthing sharp!

Oh what the heck, I'll just use the edge of a ruler.

But now I've just got inside. Finally I have it! My own can of dust-pro de-duster.

There's an image on the side of the can. It shows a youth holding the nozzle in their mouth with the can floating in mid air, and is circled in red with a red line across it. I'm sure it's all very serious, but it actually looks just plain funny. It must be very sad to want to inhale something that advertises in large print on the container that it doesn't contain anything interesting at all.

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