Friday, 21 November 2003

Fry up last night at the Ertls

While we were enjoying dinner our lights suddenly went very bright, then off, then on/bright then off then on normal again.

Cue 2 dead PC base units :-(

So if anyone has emailed me at home, I'm sorry but it'll may take a little while to get things working again. I know where I can salvage one ATX power supply, but if the mobo has fried then it'll be a couple of working days before I can replace it. Ben's PC is dead too, although we were planning to do an upgrade for Christmas anyway, so that can be accelerated. Living in the country, power cuts are just a routine part of life, but in 10 years I've never needed a surge protector (had modem get fried in a storm PC-off, but that's a bit different). Now, how do I justify replacing the graphics card too? here I come.

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