Tuesday, 1 November 2005

November's here

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month to any readers before 12.00pm, and no returns.

I'm so puffed I can barely use the track-ball this morning, having cycled (in) for the first time in a year. My chest is a little tight and the legs feel very jelly-like.

My bottom is also most displeased.

The saddle I used to know and love is a thinly padded job that provides comfort by flexing of the Titanium rails supporting either end. After 5 mins it was starting to feel like some kind of blunt device used to seperate the buttocks for medical purposes. To cap it off, the bike I rode was set up for Ben with flat pedals instead of clipped. When I arrived I popped the front wheel up on the curb and then tried to lift the rear wheel by jumping as I normally would. Instead of lifting the rear of the bike, my feet simply left the pedals: what goes up must come down, and my poor, tender bot hit the (hard) nose of the saddle.

Anyway, I won't be around online today - I'm fasting off the internet. If your thinking God thoughts, please pray for Helen Davis - still not well after giving birth to Samuel.

TTFN. Love to all.

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